"Nous privilégions la préservation du capital associée à l’ambition d’une performance régulière"
An asset management guided by our clients’ sole interest

Clay Asset Management is totally independent, meaning this allows its asset managers to freely take any investment choice they consider being the best. Clay Asset Management does not use an index-based management approach; its investment choices are motivated by its beliefs and its investment process.

A straightforward and simple price policy

The company does not receive any commissions from its providers (insurance companies, brokers, custodians…), which are selected for their intrinsic qualities. This innovative choice was made at the set up of the company, long before it became a general rule.
Clay Asset Management does not make any proprietary trading, credit nor brokerage activities excluding as such any conflict of interest with its clients.

Opting for simple and liquid investments

Clay Asset Management only trades financial instruments listed on regulated or organised markets. The asset management company does not invest in complex products. The liquidity of the assets is a key point for the allocation of the portfolio. In certain circumstances, « not being invested can be an investment choice ».

A relationship based on attentiveness and trust

Clay Asset Management relies on a team of professionals holding significant experience in private banking and asset management within key financial institutions. Our experts are used to process demanding client requests, with an upmost confidentiality.