"We hold a genuine expertise in terms of services offering"
Asset Allocation and flexible management

Clay Asset Management implements a very flexible asset management with asset class allocations that can vary very quickly and significantly and with portfolios’ allocation weakly co-related to market indices. Clay Asset Management offers 4 discretionary portfolios profiles.

Cash Management Holdings

This offer implemented at the very start of the company is an alternative to the “Fonds Général” promoted by insurance companies – without guarantees of capital. Encountering a great success, it responds to concerns of our clients’ diversifications’ needs as well as their return objectives with limited risk.

A state of the art global asset management

The broad expertise and know-how as well as the proven abilities of Clay Asset Management asset managers are a significant added value. The expertise leads to a selection of third party funds for our clients’ portfolios (open architecture) and to an in-house range of funds.

Clay Asset Management’s asset management is overall global in terms of geographical sectors and covers all asset classes including alternative investments.

Families and entrepreneurs’ trust

With a proven outstanding expertise and savoir-faire in wealth management, our team staff has the technical and human skills to answer the needs and requirements of a demanding clientele.