Family Office

"We choose to advise some of our clients on several generations in mutual confidence"

Clay Asset Management manages in full transparency a part of its clients assets and for a few of them also offers a Family Office service.

This approach, rather rare in France, is however similar to the way Anglo Saxon Family Offices operate. As such, in addition to their Family Office mission, they also hold the required agreements to manage a part of their clients’ financial assets without any conflict of interest.

A day to day service

Clay Asset Management assists its clients “à la carte” whenever required. The company acts as the conductor of an orchestra in the implementation of the client’s projects by coordinating the actions of the client’s usual counsels (notary, lawyer, banker, tax consultant…) thus ensuring better efficiency. Clay Asset Management supports its clients in many fields of activity, in particular financial advisory, real estate projects, as well as impulse buys (yacht, planes). In addition, the company relieves its clients in their day to day administrative charge by drafting general letters and assuming the dematerialized custody of key documents (Title of ownership, banking documentation, insurance policies, tax advices…). In the tax field, Clay Asset Management will gather the documentation needed for the preparation of the tax declarations, and will assist in the on line payment if need be.

Financial Advisory

Clay Asset Management ensures a sustained and long-term follow up of the management of fund granted to other financial institutions. The company consolidates on a monthly basis all clients financial assets within a personalized reporting and ensures at all times that the clients investment profile match their financial constraints in terms of income, lifestyle, global wealth, future projects, investment horizon… as well as their expectations in terms of return and risk tolerance.

Clay Asset Management’s supervision covers all type of investment vehicles (family holding, dedicated SICAV or FCP, life insurance whether French or Luxemburg capitalization contract). It includes all clients’ financial assets as well as the cost optimisation of their debts.

Project monitoring

Clay Asset Management is also present alongside the advisors of their clients when the later sell their business, in particular to advise them in the re-investment of the cash.

Clay Asset Management will also assists its clients in the drafting of heritage transmission scheme between different generations, whether for private assets or for professional assets eligible for Dutreil Contract.

Fix price policy

Clay Asset Management’s pricing is all-inclusive, which ensures a total independence in the review of the assets supervised.

The amount is adjusted once all required information has been collected to define the scope of action.

Clay Asset Management’s service is based on a very strong mutual confidence and is established on a strategic long-term relationship.