Wealth management

"We define for our clients a tailor-made offer adapted to their personal and professional situation"

Clay Asset Management delivers to its clientele portfolio mandates based both on a long-term growth and capital preservation approach. Discretionary portfolio mandate is a tailor-made solution based on 3 key steps.

Step 1

Identifying and understanding

During this first phase, Clay Asset Management seeks to understand the client’s needs. Based on his investment horizon, on his personal and wealth situation, on his reference currency and on the total of assets under management, Clay Asset Management will define the client’s risk profile.

Step 2

Asset Allocation

During this second phase, Clay Asset Management builds the asset allocation combining on one hand the clients’ expectations and objectives and on the other hand Clay Asset Management’s investment philosophy and markets perspectives.

Step 3

Portfolio Construction

The client’s portfolio is built during this third phase. The portfolio is managed according to Clay Asset Management’s convictions and anticipation on different asset classes and currencies. A personalized reporting – taking into account a regular update of client’s requirements – is provided.

Clay Asset Management’s mandates include 4 portfolio models with equities markets exposures varying between 0 to 30% (CONSISTENT RETURN Mandate), 0 to 60% (BALANCE Mandate), 0 to 90% (DYNAMIC Mandate) and PEA (Plan Epargne Actions).

Clay Asset Management also offers cash management mandates for family holdings and institutional investors.